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SignatureGold specializes in corporate video production in Toronto.

We have put together a video production team that is comprised of the most skilled and creative shooting, production, and editing professionals in Toronto to ensure that we can make your vision come to life. While high quality videography is our primary focus, we make sure our video production rates are simple and affordable.
While our speciality is video production services, we also offer a number of additional digital services such as videography, event video, and portrait photography

Creating quality corporate video that is delivered effectively

Using professional video production services, is vital if you want to perfect video production and convey the right message through your corporate video. Being able to create excitement through high quality video production will ensure you deliver the right message to your viewers in an effective way.

Our Toronto video production services use videography techniques that will engage your viewers, maintain their interested in your product or service and communicate a strong and memorable message.

The goal of Toronto corporate video is to:
  • Display passion about your business, its products and services, and core messages
  • Show how you differentiate from your competition
  • Bring your business to life through video


Quality Content is King

Making an emotional connection with customers is today’s primary marketing strategy, and in the quest to become the go to resource in your industry, content is NOT king. QUALITY content is king. Signature Gold Studio provides the solution for brands by focusing on producing engaging, meaningful and creative content that your customers want and will interact with.

Create Engaging Content

To be an industry leader and expert in your field you need to take initiative. You need to put out great content on a consistent basis, in a format that your customers want. The game has changed. Websites are no longer about static and text based content. Video and dynamic media is now the core medium for companies to use as part of their internet marketing campaigns to engage their customers, create an online presence, and promote their brand. There is a reason why sites like YouTube are dominating search traffic. People prefer high quality video and digital media.

Attracting Millions of Web Views for Our Clients

In the past 5 years we have helped generate more than 12 million web views for our clients. But, what’s more important than views is the quality of the interaction between your consumers and your brand. The truth is that loading content onto the web is the easy part. Loading content that is relevant and trusted by your consumers requires expertise and knowhow. That is what we do!

The SignatureGold Difference

Success on the Internet does not happen by accident. It’s never been easier for viewers to see your content online, but it’s never been faster for that same content to be buried in the volume and never seen again. Therefore, you need a great product that is developed by a content producer with years of experience in the industry. Here is why we are an industry leader in video and media production:
  • We have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.
  • We have the advantage of looking at video production from a photography point of view as well as a video perspective.
  • We are able to bring the quality lighting of a photograph to life in video like no one else can.
  • We are able to reduce the costs of large production staffs that are used by big budget company’s and can produce high quality projects at a reasonable price using our team of professionals.

Contact us Now to get started on your next video production or digital media project and experience the step above in quality when it comes to digital content.

Thinking about using Toronto video production services?

Whether you are looking to promote your company, a website, or even a specific product or service, using Toronto video production services is the only option. Investing in corporate video is a sound business strategy that will not only engage the people who view the video, but also helps to increase website traffic, generate leads, improve brand visibility, and helps you capitalize on sales.


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